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Our primary reference for weather-related decisions, such as cancellations and delays, is the La Crosse School District ( However, there are instances when we may deviate from their decisions, especially if road conditions improve later in the day.

Notification Process:


  1. Facebook Announcement:  If we decide to close due to inclement weather, we will make an announcement on our Facebook page by 1:30 pm.

  2. Email Notification:  Families will also be notified via email of any weather-related closures or delays.


Make-Up Classes:


  1. Scheduling:  In the event of weather closures, we will do our best to schedule make-up classes and alternative training options, based on coach availability and gym space. Please note that this may include open gym format make-ups.

  2. Notification:  Details about make-up options will be included in the Facebook announcements and email notifications.


Flexibility for Make-Ups:


  1. Alternative Classes:  Families affected by weather regardless of whether we close or not, are encouraged to contact the gym. We will do our best to accommodate make-ups in alternative classes, which will be subject to availability.

Communication is key during inclement weather situations, and we aim to keep our members informed in a timely manner! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

For real-time updates and additional information, please refer to our Facebook page, email, or contact the gym directly:

Performance Elite Gymnastics - Front Desk

(608) 782-7347 or (main gym email)


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