Our Teams typically compete in M.A.G.A. which follows high school rules with a few differences.  Each team can have a max of 10 gymnasts.  MAGA Teams compete against other teams throughout WI, MN, IL and SD.  Gymnasts must tryout or be invited by a coach to be on any of our Teams.

Here is the order of our Teams:

  • Blaze (team 1)

  • Fire (team 2)

  • Flame (team 3)

  • Spark (team 4)

  • Heat (team 5)

  • Embers (team 6)

  • Firecrackers: In-house Team (this means that they do not travel to any away meets and only compete at our PEG hosted meets.  Firecrackers does not compete in any MAGA State Meet either.)

Teams have specific training days and a minimum number of hours they can train each week.  The maximum number of hours for our MAGA Teams is currently 20 hrs/week.

These teams (with the exception of Firecrackers) compete in 5-6 regular season meets between December - February, with State Meets held throughout the month of March.  Meet Schedules are sent out by the end of September.  All meets for MAGA Teams are mandatory and you will be charged a Meet Fee whether you attend the meet or not.

Here is the Team Spring Training 2021 Schedule:

This training schedule begins 3/28/21 and runs thru 6/5/21.  Our Team Summer Training 2021 Schedule will be available by the end of April!!

Team Spring 2021.jpg

           Firecrackers Blue

            Firecrackers Red








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