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We started our journey in February of 2014, because there was such a need in our area for a solid club gymnastics program. We were searching for a program that not only offered great coaching for both boys and girls, but also one that focused on building kids up in all aspects of life. Both of our kids were competing at a club a ways outside of our area that had a great program, but there was nothing in this area that had what we were looking for.

We struggled with a lot of bullying issues with our daughter outside of gymnastics and saw that pour into every facet of her life, destroying her confidence in everything. We did a lot of traveling and always visited different gymnastics clubs in the areas we were to get extra training in for her.  We found that some coaches had this incredible gift to not only teach the her the skills of gymnastics, but to build her up so she gains her confidence back.

It was in January of 2015 that it was really put on our hearts that we needed to do something about starting a program that had not only great coaching, but had the even more important ability to build kids up.  So in February of 2015, Performance Elite Gymnastics was born!

We were able to find some amazing coaches who are not only incredible at coaching, but ones that have the gift of building kids' confidence as well. Terrific coaching, paired with our knowledge and view of what it's like from the parents' perspective, make Performance Elite Gymnastics unique to this area and an excellent choice for your child's gymnastics experience at any age or ability.

Our mission is to not only teach kids gymnastics, but to help build a solid foundation of life skills. We will accomplish that by teaching teamwork, how to build others up, and encourage them along the way. We will not only lead by example, but we will believe in and encourage them, proving to them that they are champion kids who will grow into champion adults in every aspect of their life.


The Ross Family

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