Reopening Update


We have been planning our Phase 1 reopen for weeks and now that restrictions are lifted before 5/26/2020, we will begin our Phase 1 reopen starting Monday, 5/18/2020. I realize that while some are very excited for this, others are still nervous and are wanting to wait. No matter where you are in terms of being comfortable returning, it's okay! We had planned a slow and responsible reopen regardless of what decision was made by the WI Supreme Court and will continue to follow our initial plan, which includes a three-phase reopen with each phase lasting a minimum of a 14-day period. We know that not everyone will comfortable returning during Phase 1 or even Phase 2, and again, that's okay!

During our Phase 1 reopen, we will begin to bring our Levels and Team gymnasts back, as our numbers will be limited to groupings of less than 10 (including coaches). We will tier groups throughout the day to ensure that groups remain small, there is no overlap between pick up and drop off times, and we have plenty of time to properly clean and disinfect between training groups. Parents will not be allowed in the gym during this phase.

During this first phase, there are many health and safety guidelines in place to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep our gymnasts, families and staff safe.

As we move into Phase 2 and our groups are able to increase in size, we will bring our Rec gymnasts back.

All accounts have been credited for the time they missed and were charged for in March, so you will have a credit on your account to be used when we are able to safely reopen.

I would like to THANK everyone who has been joining in on our PEG Virtual Classrooms and Zoom classes each week! It has been great to "see" so many of you and stay connected during this time! We miss you all SO MUCH and can't wait to see you all again when it is safe to do so!! Until then, we pray that you are staying healthy and safe!​

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