Fall 2021 Session Dates: 9/5/2021 thru 11/13/2021

Fall 2021 Session Skills Testing will take place the week of 11/8/2021

Winter 1 2021/2022 Session Dates: 11/14/2021 thru 1/29/2022

Winter 1 2021/2022 Session Skills Testing will take place the week of 1/24/2022

Our Winter 1 2021/2022 Session is 11 weeks long due to Christmas Break!!  The gym will be closed the following dates during the Winter 1 2021/2022 Session:

  • Thanksgiving Break: 11/25/21 - 11/28/21 (Classes WILL be made up)

  • Christmas Break: 12/24/21 - 1/2/22 (Only classes scheduled on 12/25/21 will be made up. There is no charge for the week of 12/26/21.)

All Class Make-Up Schedules will be sent out via email at the beginning of the Session.

Class Explanations and Schedules Below

Rec Classes

Our Rec Classes run in 10 week sessions, with new sessions starting right after another. Kids are Skills Tested at the end of each session and given Certificates of Completion that show them which class they should register for in the next session, as well as what skills they are strong in and which skills they still need to work at.

Our sessions are always open enrollment, which means you can register anytime throughout the session and tuition is pro-rated (you only pay for what's left)!

Sessions are as follows:

  • Fall

  • Winter 1 (this session is usually 11 weeks long, as we close during the week of Christmas-New Year and want to make sure the kids still get 10 weeks of class time)

  • Winter 2

  • Spring (Annual registrations fees are renewed at the start of this session)

  • Summer

**The gym is always closed the last week of August, which is right after our Summer Session ends and before our Fall session begins.​**

Mini-Shots is an invite-only class for Littles who show natural ability to be trained to move directly into our Levels program upon graduating from the class.

Rec Heirarchy.PNG

NOTE: Classes in RED are Full!

Still not sure which class to sign up for? Request a SKILLS TEST at NO CHARGE today!!

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