Team Members

Top Row: Coaches Kenzie, Aaron, Tim, Savannah and Breghan

Bottom Row: Emerson S. (Child), Mya T. (Child), Tess M. (Junior), Ali S. (Child), Cassidy B. (Child), Anna W. (Child), Addsion W. (Child), Jordyn B. (Novice), Ava A. (Child)

About Heat

Team Heat did amazing this year and were scheduled to complete division 6 at MAGA State Championship.  They were working high level skills and ready to take on the world.  

2020 MAGA Championships

Cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic

2018/2019 Season

Coaches: Kali, Aaron & Kenzie

Top Row: Vivian K. (Novice), Paisley L. (Novice), Catrina M. (Senior), Josie A. (Junior), Tori T. (Child)

Bottom Row: Maria C. (Junior), Avery A. (Child), Sara O. (Child), Kaylie S. (Child) 

About Heat

The Heat girls came together with strong team spirit and it showed.  They encouraged eachother's strengths and formed friendships that will last forever.  Two of the team's novice members even competed at state which is a huge accomplishment.  

2019 MAGA Championships

Team Heat scored an all season high of 113.025 to bring home the Championship in division 8.  Congratulations girls!