Levels Program

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2019/2020 Level 1

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2019/2020 Level 2

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2019/2020 Level 3

Our Levels Program offers a great introduction into the competitive world of gymnastics by starting them out competing AAU Levels 1-4.  Not only does this give them a great foundation of the basic skills and fundamentals that are needed to build into bigger skills, but it also gives them experience competing those skills before moving into the highly competitive Team atmosphere! 

Level 1: Gymnasts typically train 1.25 hrs/night for 1-3 times/week

Level 2: Gymnasts typically train 1.5 hrs/night for 1-3 times/week

Level 3: Gymnasts typically train 3 hrs/night for 1-2 times/week

Level 4: Gymnasts typically train 3 hrs/night for 1-3 times/week

Here are the times offered for Levels Spring Training 2021:

Levels Spring Training 2021 schedule will begin 4/18/21 and run thru 6/5/21!  The Levels Summer Training 2021 schedule will be out by the end of April!!

There are usually 4 regular season meets that are mandatory for our Levels gymnasts, with the State Meet at the end of Season (mid-April) that is optional.  Meet Schedules are sent out in September for the upcoming Season.

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Class Descriptions & Class Hierarchy

These PDF's help understand each class and the natural progression of gymnasts through the PEG System.


Class Descriptions

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Class Hierachy

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